Breaking Faster.

Do your best they said yet people constantly told him that he needed to be smarter, faster

Be faster, we dln’t have all day
Faster, but slower he was
Slower as the time went on
Mistakes stop making mistakes, he made them because he was pressured

We just answered that question, are you stupid?
So he just stood there and tried to answer, on the board, he heard them laughing

Are you a boy or a girl? You write like a man, that’s not lady like
Sit properly, thats not lady like
Are you trying to smell like a guy? Why are you wearing that?

So he just did, tried, and he sees kids struggling everyday with far worse, amd he tries to advise them that it could get better, easier

Youre not the victum here, he is, he was and still is
Is a victum, a bully now
Bullied because he was innocent
Oh youre such a good Christian
thats not christian like
Jesus wouldnt do that would you?

Torn apart so he tears them, tore them a new one and now the silence is loud and loud is too quiet, he finds serenity in hurting others

You’re fucked up, but why would you do that?
Fucking disgusting suck, go fucking die in hell
Go to hell, just go

So he went, into his own, again made his own home in his hell, his version of sweet paradise, burning, scarred inside

Thats no excuse, youre a fucking predator, die, just die

And so he believed he deserved that for what he did, said twisted words, questioned himself

Toxicity became his favorite go to, quick fix
Fucked him up, he likes the mentally ill, the ones who pick on him because he just simply likes to be destroyed


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