Strengthened Insanity

There’s so much to do
Little strength, consumed
By the source, its assumed
That I’m just destined to break
Travel abroad
Inside my head, not on the road
If only you weren’t so far away
I think I’d be okay, you too
Hopefully one day
You’ll see the safe side of insanity because
I’d rather see it than sanity
Wouldn’t you?
Not sure, say it’s true
That you feel no value
Self worth, look me in the eyes
And show me your soul cries
To wither apart
Rather than mend
Me too, I feel you
A part of your struggle anyway

Although I don’t have much left to offer besides
A troubled soul and manic expressions
Lying truths in confessions
I shouldn’t expect much from you, it’s not your fault you need to escape
Take a break, before you break
More, tear into me
Rip me with your passion
Spit on me with everything you have

Just know that I’ll take it, soak you in like a salt lake
Quick sand, falling

I care about your life, maybe not as much as one could
Should, needs to
But I’d only be lying if I said I didn’t feel the need to fly into you rather than flee
But most days, fleeing is the most desirable option

Run away, will you look for me?
Walk into yourself, am I there?


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