Golden Spew

( I’ll edit this later )

We were almost as gold, until I started spewing reality and it scuffed your hardly-been-touched soul

You attempted to show me around your home, but your home was not mine and so I only kept dropping money down to make up for my own mistakes

Somewhere, nowhere is the opposite of our destination, you stood and cradled me only to drop me back onto place I came from and beckoned that i stay there

So I waded you like a pool, starting shallow and them diving with little fear, but not deep enough to see you as the scum that you had thrown layered on top of all along

Climbing back up only to find myself scraping by with the heat of the sun on my back and the ridges of your spine and you just sat there staring with those karma-is-going-to-get-you-eyes

I went back, left you with a part of me that I didn’t ask for you to keep, but your smile insisted and your soft caress scolded me

Onward, downwards it felt like, meeting new people to bury the hatchet you made yourself to be, if only I had used you more holding the handle so you’d have more blade to suffer with

Go to hell, but I was there, went there and came back only to find you and everyone else you shared my darkest temptations with, my life’s burdens, watching me and mocking me

I let you get me, attack me, kill me slowly with the boils you breathed out saying I deserved to be my own worst demon

Now I’m back to square one, only the shape feels like it’s been cut back and my lungs are the walls of the structure I should have destroyed years ago, but I’ll rebuild it using your cunt as cement.


2 comments on “Golden Spew

  1. jamilouise says:

    Wow! I’d leave it just as it is. So good….

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