Habitual Experiences

So for as long as I can remember, I’ve been biting my nails. Probably ever since I realized that I could bite my finger nails.

The thing is, I’ve heard that putting nail polish on your nails doesn’t help, but for me, I always end up scraping the polish off with my teeth.. but it works in that way because once the nail polish is all off, I for some reason don’t end up biting my nails.

Sometimes I find myself nibbling on them, but then noticing and stopping myself.

It’s neat how habits work. What stragety may help someone stop their habit, may not always work for others. Which is very true in most cases.

I’ve been going to therapy now and for some reason I’ve felt the need to quit this one habit even though it isn’t really hurting me other than putting extra bacteria back into my body that I could live without. It helps me when I’m nervous.

I’ve also had the habit of rocking in rocking chairs to the point of them breaking. I’vebeen doing this since I was young as well. I just sit there and listen to music and zone out. I find myself doing so mostly when I’m stressed and at night in the wee hours.

We all have habits we are embaressed of, or atleast have a habit that many people endure but to a certain extent. But sometimes I feel weird about my habits.

I will hopefully grow out of them all.


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