Unwatered haunts

Sometimes you haunt me like the wildflowers that shed in the name of myself forgetting to water them

Sometimes your name rings in my ear like the sound of a moving train right above my head

Sometimes your laugh is found among those who are troubled just like you and I

Sometimes your face plants itself on top of every reflection I see as I travel to places you’ve never gone with me

Sometimes your words are the one thing that holds me back from becoming a better version of myself

So here I am, lost but still wandering
Troubled but able to find a way without you

You do not have the right to attempt to destroy who I am because who I was is someone you can’ stand to see breathing

You no longer have any control over who I am just because what I did hurt you

I have tried and tried and tried to be there for you and show you that I was sorry instead of just telling you empty promises

I’m alive and it isn’t because of you


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