Balanced Honesty

I like that you’re honest

I’m honest to the point of putting people down though

Why are you beating yourself up over being so honest?

Because I’ve destroyed some of the best relationships I’ve ever had because of being too honest

Yeah but…

No buts, this is how I feel, and I feel as though I’ve gone too far sometimes. I’ve gotten myself out of sticky situations by being too honest, but I’ve also created more problems by being said way.

Then lie sometimes

I have, and I’ve even been through a spell where I’d lie so much that I no longr felt guilt and then whenever I’d tell the truth afterwards, I started thinking that my truth was just another lie and there was no balance between the two.

Sometimes I’m glad that I am brutally honest. I hate it at the same time because I feel this very strong impulse to be mean through being honest and I struggle with that.

I will find a balance, I will and I will be okay.


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