Day 02 – 30 Day Transgender Callenge

I accidentally forgot to post for the second day of this challenge yesterday, so I’ll be positing the third day after I finish uploading this one.

How did you choose your name, and what names were you thinking about using and why?

I don’t really remember what it was exactly that helped me come up with one of the names I have been going by for a long time, but it might have been because of Twilight because one of the characters names was Jasper, but I think I had chosen it before that.

Before I decided to go by Jasper, I had named a personality ( I wasn’t ever diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder, but I was told that I may be Boarder Line Personality ) Nelson because my friend called me Nell and then Nelson and the personality I had named was the side that helped me be comfortable with my sexuality and then I realized it may be more than just a sexuality issue.

I’ve been going by Jasper for over a year now but for a while, I’ve also been identifying as Braeydyn Traeyce. I just like the sound of Braeydyn.



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