Day 01 – 30 Day Transgender Challenge.

When did you realize the term Transgender referred to you?

When I was in my late teen years, I had a friend who came out to me as Transgender and I didn’t understand. I actually stopped contacting that person because I didn’t understand Luckily when I contacted that person again they were willing to educate me further on what it meant.

I had been questioning my gender on and off for years regardless and it wasn’t until a little over a year ago that I had realized that I wasn’t the gender that I was assigned at birth.



3 comments on “Day 01 – 30 Day Transgender Challenge.

  1. jasperchase says:

    Actually I found the challenge through your blog and copied and pasted some of the questions. I apologize for not asking first. Is that okay?

    • naominizer says:

      I wasn’t one that created it, i got it from keira’s blog and keira got it from the creator. So there is no problem here. It’s interesting to see more trans people are having a go at it.

      • jasperchase says:

        by the way, i accidentally marked your comment as spam on my phone. im still a newbie at wordpress sometimes -.- i enjoy your blog so far 🙂

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