Okay Screeches

You’re almost there
You’re already on your way
Destiny? Naw just a destination
There are no rules yet
Well some
But not exactly 100% entirely defined yet
Answers you want to know
But questions are the hardest
To get out
Listen to what your heart says
Forget what your head screams
Yells across the hall
You hear
Footsteps vibrating across the laminate
You feel
Do not run
Voices belched
Shrieks leak out
And into both of your ears
What are you doing here?

She’s waiting
But waiting for you?
If he attempts to tear her apart again
I’ll be there
To prevent it
And hold you before you fall
Catching your breath within your lungs
Touching my very fingers
Latched upon your bone structure

And so you see
You’re okay
You will be okay
Let yourself be okay
And you will be okay
You are okay


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