Transgender struggles

I have been struggling with something for years. Sometimes I’m okay with it and other times, I am so conflicted about it, that just venting to people doesn’t help.

Everyone states their opinions on the matter, gives me advice and tells me to seek help. I know that I need help, but I’m stubborn and won’t follow through with it.

I am biologically female, yet I identify as both. Because the world has labels for everything, I’ve labelled myself after different things such as “Transgendered” “Male” “Female to male”, “Lesbian” and “Female”. I am constantly trying to find a label that works, that fits my personality, that matches my very thoughts, but there is not just one.

I know that labels should not define someone, but sometimes, I personally believe that they help.

I switch between wearing feminine clothing and masculine clothing, not shaving for a few days. Basically, I’m playing around with my gender and body to help ease my mind a little bit.


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