Lesbian stereotypes

Lesbian is a term that some people may hear and automatically assume that all stereotypes of lesbians are true.

Some stereotypes that are associated with Lesbians are as follows:

All lesbians wear plaid

All women who have short hair are lesbians

They sleep with any girl they meet and talk to

They hate men


Now, when I first heard that “All lesbians wear plaid”, I started wearing plaid more because I was coming out and I thought that I had to follow that stereotype. Even gay males have stereotypes that alot of them may.. and I say.. may follow because…

A) They, like myself feel as though they need to follow them, such as talking with a lisp, or being flamboyant


B) Perhaps, they happen to be apart of the stereotypes by nature, not by choice.

I have met some males who are Metro-sexual, but one might think they are “Gay” because they fit in with the stereotypes associated with gay men. That doesn’t mean they like men.

If you do not agree with the statements that I have listed above, I am not trying to offend anyone, it’s just what I know and from my personal experience.


I have short hair, or so I had shorter hair a while ago, but even if I were straight, I wouldn’t want to have the same hairstyle all of the time because that’s just who I am by nature. I tend to get bored easily.


As I start posting more blogs, which i hope to do so whenever I get the chance to, I’d like to leave each blog with a question.

Question number 1.

How do you feel about lesbian stereotypes, and how do they influence your life?


3 comments on “Lesbian stereotypes

  1. One of the most frustrating things about the stereotypes you mentioned, would be the one that lesbians/gay men will sleep with any girl/guy they meet. I get so frustrated with straight people who voice the concern (in regards to lesbians/gay men) “what if he/she/they try to hit on/kiss me?” I have on many occasion experienced people hesitant to go to “gay bars” for this very reason. Its ridiculous. My response is always the same: “I take it as a compliment that SOMEONE (gender regardless) has suggested I am in someway attractive, and like always, if I am not attracted to them for any reason, then I kindly explain that.”
    Personally I am so sick of the stereotypes that surround so many people in this world, (hence my recent blogs!) and I work very hard to ensure that they do not effect the way in which I perceive and consequently treat someone.

    • janellelc says:

      Thank you for replying. I mean, I judge, and well.. quite frankily, who doesn’t right? I mean sometimes I do act as though myself being a lesbian is all that matters and that everyone should know. But, even if I fall for alot of girls, I don’t actually sleep around. Just because I find a girl attractive who happens to be straight, doesn’t mean I’ll act on it.

  2. smalltasks says:

    When I confessed my love to a girl I was in love with, it was such a moment of change for me that was still bottled up that the next day I went and cut all my hair off (like literally– 2 feet?) into a short pixie cut. I still don’t know what I was trying to say to everyone else, but for me it was like a physical representation of an inner secret… maybe based on stereotype.

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